October 15, 2007
bioMETRX, Inc. NAICS 334119
500 North Broadway, Suite 204 Jericho, NY 11753 Description Biometric Products Mfg.
(516) 937-2828 Employees 8
http://www.biometrx.net/ Revenue (mil) 0.0000
  Income (mil) -10.8370
  Assets (mil) 0.6360
  Liability (mil) 2.0460
  (for the year ended 2006-12-31)
Category: Loss/Deficit
Event: bioMETRX, Inc. had a $2,726,522 net loss for the three months ended June 30, 2007, lower than the $2,461,955 net loss incurred during the second quarter of 2006. For the six months ended June 30, 2007, the Company had a $5,737,668 net loss, much lower than the $9,478,957 net loss booked in the first half of 2006. The Company's balance sheet at June 30, 2007 showed an accumulated deficit of $30,335,200 and stockholders' deficit of $1,375,144. It also has strained liquidity with $1,002,718 in total current assets available to pay $3,206,167 in total current liabilities.
Intellectual Property: The Company currently owns three patents and has one patent pending, all of which incorporate the biometric design and/or architecture used within its smartTOUCH products. The Company’s design patent, application number 29/252,518, for its biometric keypad was recently granted and it is awaiting the issuance of a patent number from the USPTO. In December, the Company acquired patent number 6,042, 005 for a Personal Identification System incorporating biometric authentication for Personal and Medical Information. In March 2007, the Company acquired patent number 6,644,557 for a biometric access controlled thermostat system. In addition, the Company is seeking patents on its system that utilizes a combination of software and hardware into an architecture that allows the offloading of all of the administrative functionality for any biometric device. The Company also seeks to protect its trademarks and branding and consequently has filed for the marks “powered by smartTOUCH”, “smartALARM”, “smartGDO”, “smartCART”, “smartGATE”, “smartLOCK”, “smartSTART”, “smartSTAT” and “smartSTIK”. [SEC Filing 10-KSB 04-11-07]
Description: The Company engages in the design, development, and marketing of biometrics-based products to the consumer, health information, medical devices, and small business markets in the United States.
Officers: Mark Basile (Chair & CEO); Steven Kang (CTO & Dir.); Frank Giannuzzi (CFO & Dir.)
Auditor: Wolinetz Lafazan & Company PC
Securities: Common Stock-Symbol BMRX.OB; OTC BB; 12,100,118 common shares outstanding as of August 14, 2007.
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