October 1, 2007
Vos International, Inc. NAICS 334119
740 13th Street, Suite 406 San Diego, California 92121 Description Biometric Systems Mfg.
(858) 679-8027 Employees 3
http://www.vossystems.com/ Revenue (mil) 0.2130
  Income (mil) -0.4920
  Assets (mil) 0.2220
  Liability (mil) 1.1920
  (for the year ended 2006-09-30)
Category: Loss/Deficit
Event: Vos International, Inc. reported a net loss of $86,460 for the three months ended June 30, 2007, lower than the $120,201 net loss reported during the same quarter last year. For the nine months ended June 30, 2007, the Company had a $191,905 net loss, lower than the $432,982 net loss incurred during the same period a year ago. As a result of its recurring losses, the Company has an accumulated deficit of $6,286,704 and shareholders’ deficit of $1,087,236 as of June 30, 2007. It also has strained liquidity with $40,754 in total current assets available to pay $556,265 in total current liabilities.
Intellectual Property: The Company has two registered patents (US Patent Nos. 6,188,986B1 and 6324514B2), which cover the use of embedded processor speech recognition in a device that produces control signals in response to voice commands. The Company owns several trade names and one trademark, including VOS Systems™, Your Voice Turns Me On™, Light Genie™, IntelaVoice™ and VOS MAN®. [SEC Filing 10-KSB 01-03-07]
Description: The Company provides affordable, innovative, reliable, voice-operated consumer electronics utilizing its patented switching applications.
Officers: Allan J. Ligi (Pres. & Dir.); Richard B. Matulich (COO, Sec. & Dir.); Dennis LaVorgna (CFO & Dir.); Steve Howard (Dir.)
Auditor: Cordovano & Honeck LLP
Securities: 42,363,494 common shares outstanding as of June 30, 2007.
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