October 1, 2007
Pierre Foods, Inc. NAICS 311610
9990 Princeton Road Cincinnati, OH 45246 Description Food Processing
(800) 969-2747 Employees 2800
http://www.pierrefoods.com/ Revenue (mil) 487.8400
  Income (mil) 1.7990
  Assets (mil) 599.8300
  Liability (mil) 450.0100
  (for the year ended 2007-03-31)
Category: Default
Event: Pierre Foods, Inc. expects to be in default of the Consolidated Leverage Ratio covenant in its senior credit facility as of the end of its second quarter ended Sept. 1, 2007. Although the company is finalizing its financial results for the quarter, it is working with lenders under the credit facility to obtain a waiver and an amendment to the agreement.
Intellectual Property: The Company markets its products under a number of brand names including Pierre™, Zartic®, Z-Bird®, Circle Z®, Jim’s Country Mill Sausage®, Clovervale Farms®, Chef’s Pantry®, Fast Choice®, Rib-B-Q®, Blue Stone Grill™, Hot ‘n’ Ready®, Big AZ®, Chicken FryZ®, Smokie Grill®, and Chop House®. The Company regards its trademarks and service marks as having significant value in marketing its food products. The Company also has proprietary rights, including trade secret and other intellectual property protection, in formulations and processes used to make its products. In addition, the Company has licenses to sell sandwiches using well-known brands, such as Checkers®, Rally’s®, Krystal®, Tony Roma’s®, and Nathan’s Famous®. [SEC Filing 10-K 06-15-07]
Description: The Company manufactures and markets high-quality, differentiated processed food solutions.
Officers: Joseph W. Meyers (CFO); Robert C. Naylor (SR. VP); Norbert E. Woodhams (CEO); Scott W. Meader (Dir)
Auditor: Deloitte & Touche LLP
Securities: 100,000 common shares outstanding as of June 14, 2007.
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