October 1, 2007
PASW, Inc. NAICS 517919
9453 Alcosta Boulevard San Ramon, CA 94583 Description VOIP Services
(925) 828-0934 Employees 0
Revenue (mil) 0.1910
  Income (mil) 0.0600
  Assets (mil) 0.3210
  Liability (mil) 0.0520
  (for the year ended 2006-12-31)
Category: Audit Concerns
Event: Farber Hass Hurley & McEwen LLP expressed doubts on the ability of PASW, Inc. to continue as a going concern due to its limited sources of revenue and significant operating losses in prior years.
Intellectual Property: VirnetX, Inc. has 10 issued U.S. and 4 issued foreign patents, and certain pending U.S. patent applications which VirnetX originally acquired from Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). The patents embrace a unique set of functions relating to domain name system, or “DNS,”-based security mechanisms for real-time communication. PASW and VirnetX are registered trademarks in the United States. [SEC Filing SB-2 08-28-07]
Description: The Company has recently acquired VirnetX, Inc., which provides solutions for secure real-time communications such as instant messaging and voice over internet protocol.
Officers: Kendall Larsen (Pres., CEO & Dir.); William E. Sliney (CFO); Edmund C. Munger (Dir.); Scott C. Taylor (Dir.); Michael F. Angelo (Dir.); Thomas M. O’Brien (Dir.)
Auditor: Farber Hass Hurley & McEwen LLP
Securities: Common Stock-Symbol PASW.OB; OTC BB; 93,603,596 common shares outstanding as of August 15, 2007.
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