October 1, 2007
One Voice Technologies, Inc. NAICS 511210
4275 Executive Square, Suite 200 La Jolla, CA 92037 Description Software Publishers
(858) 552-4466 Employees 7
http://www.onevoicetech.com Revenue (mil) 0.6900
  Income (mil) -4.4180
  Assets (mil) 0.7870
  Liability (mil) 5.2680
  (for the year ended 2006-12-31)
Category: Audit Concerns
Event: PMB Helin Donovan LLP expressed doubts on the ability of One Voice Technologies, Inc. to continue as a going concern after auditing its financial statements. The auditor notes that the Company has reported recurring losses from operations aggregating $4,419,000 and had a working capital deficit of $5,101,000.
Intellectual Property: The Company owns exclusive rights to three United States patents on its software and has filed for international patent protection as well. These patents define the primary features and unique procedures that comprise its products and solutions. [SEC Filing 10-KSB 04-18-07]
Description: The Company is engaged in the development and sale of voice recognition-based software for the telecom and interactive multimedia personal computer sectors.
Officers: Dean Weber (Chair, Pres. & CEO); Bradley J. Ammon (Dir.); Rahoul Sharan (Dir.)
Auditor: PMB Helin Donovan LLP
Securities: Common Stock-Symbol ONEV.OB; OTC BB; 646,575,476 common shares outstanding as of August 10, 2007.
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